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Cannabis 360 Conference Back Sep 29, BC Direct Delivery and David Lobo Now Permanent CEO at OCS

Early Bird Registration Now Open for the Cannabis 360 Conference

We are excited to announce the return of the Cannabis 360 Conference!

Taking place on September 29, 2022, the Cannabis 360 Conference will feature leading cannabis and psychedelic industry experts, scientists, researchers, and regulatory specialists. With our aim of always being at the cutting edge of education and professional development, the Cannabis 360 Conference’s goal is to keep you informed and up to date on the important challenges, regulatory changes business opportunities and conversation happening right now. The Cannabis 360 Conference can be accessed from anywhere in the world and provides an easy way for you to connect and network with your fellow industry peers.

Check out our event page and book your ticket. You don’t want to miss out!

BC will launch Direct Delivery in August

BC will now allow producers to sell directly to retailers starting on August 15th and includes three types of delivery models, Standard Direct Delivery, Production Retail Store (PRS) Direct Delivery, and Section 119 Direct Delivery reports SratCann.

The Breakdown

  • Standard will be the main direct delivery model for BC cultivators producing no more than 3,000 kg of dried, unpackaged cannabis (or fresh equivalent annually).
  • PRS is a special category of Direct Delivery and applies to cannabis retail stores operating in BC that are associated with a cannabis product facility, in essence a farmgate operation.
  • Section 119 deliveries are specifically for those operating under Section 119, a special agreement between the Province and an Indigenous Nation.
  • The processor or cultivator is responsible for delivery to retailers, but they can also use a third-party.
  • BC retailers place their order directly with the participating licensed producers, who are required to register their cannabis products that will be offered through direct delivery and the 15% BCLDB mark-up will still apply.

Our Perspective

This is big news for the BC cannabis market and it’s encouraging to hear that the programs focus is to assist Indigenous and small-scale producers in the regulated cannabis market. It appears the BC government is listening and it’s exciting to see regulatory changes like this that the industry is asking for. Although it may disappoint some that the BCLDB is still taking its 15% market-up, this will hopefully allow retailers to diversify their product offerings and provide increased access to distribution networks for Indigenous and craft growers.

David Lobo Appointed Permanent President & CEO of the OCS

The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC) announced on Thursday, July 7th that David Lobo has been appointed President and CEO on a permanent basis following the completion of a competitive national search.

The Breakdown

  • During David’s interim leadership, the OCS saw significant growth, with 1.5 billion in retail sales, which accounts for 40% of the legal market in Canada
  • According to David, “As our industry continues to evolve and mature, the OCS will transform our operations aligned with our mission of enabling a vibrant marketplace through great customer experiences – rooted in selection, service and quality.



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