OCS Social Impact Initiatives, Green Wednesday Sales Surge, and Substance Use Study Unveils Cannabis Substitution Effect

THC Limit Increases Gains Momentum, Colombia’s Senate Vote, and South Africa’s Legalization Progress

Remembering Raphael Mechoulam, Germany's Confidence in EU Approval, and Field Trip's Closure of Ketamine Clinics

Health Canada Issues Statement on Edible Extracts, Concerns Around THC Inflation, and Oklahoma Says “No” to Recreational Cannabis

Canopy Growth Closes Flagship Facility, Twitter Updates Cannabis Advertising Policy, and DEA Classifies Delta-8 and Delta-9 as Controlled Substances

Federal Court Upholds Medical Growers Privacy, Australia Reschedules Psilocybin and MDMA for Therapeutic Use and Uruguay Sets Recording Breaking Shipment to the U.S.

California Seeks Feedback on Interstate Cannabis Commerce, British Columbia Launches Drug Decriminalization Pilot Program, and Hong Kong Bans CBD

FDA Finalized Guidance on Clinical Research, Health Canada Issues Warning on Edible Extracts, and the Importance of Aroma in Cannabis Quality

Beverage Purchase Limit Increase Comes into Effect, Backlash Towards Ontario’s ‘Pay-to-Play’ Deals, and Quebec Cover’s Cost of Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy

How Edible Extracts Circumvent Potency Limits, Health Canada Issues Guidance for Clinical Trials on Psychedelics, and Historical Cannabis Research Bill Signed

Panel for Cannabis Act Review Announced, Illicit Magic Mushroom Store Raided and Cannabis Decriminalization Bill Introduced in Ireland

New York Awards First Retail Licenses, Biden to Sign Medical Cannabis Research Bill, and Cannabis Legalization Bill Passes Senate in Columbia

Midterm Election Legalization Measures Results, Proposed Changes to Cannabis Tax Remittance Timelines, and Czech Republic Consulting with Germany on Cannabis Legalization

Germany Releases Proposed Framework for Cannabis Legalization, Cronos Charged for Improper Accounting, and Pushback on Alberta’s Evolving Psychedelic Regulatory Landscape

New Data From Health Canada, B.C Looks to Expand Enforcement Tools, and AGCO Issues Warning On Leafythings “Retail Support Program”

Biden Pardons Simple Possession Charges, Farmgate Licensing Announced in BC, and Psychedelics to be Regulated in Alberta

Cannabis Act Review Finally Launched, Government-owned Cannabis Businesses Seeing the Most Profits and Vote to Legalize Psychedelics in Colorado Set for November

Cannabis NB Announces 10 New Private Stores, San Francisco Decriminalizes Psychedelics, and New Cannabis Business Model Out in BC

Cannabis Distribution Resumes in BC, Superette Up For Sale and the Psychedelic Hype Bubble

BC Halts Direct Delivery, New York Now Accepting Retail Licence Applications and Cannabis Store Opening in Canada’s Busiest Transportation Hub

Strike Impacting Cannabis Deliveries, Launch of Direct Delivery in BC and How Taxes are Killing the Cannabis Industry

How Taxes are KILLING the Cannabis Industry

Cyber Attack at OCS Third-Party Distributor, Quebec Adds Three New Edibles and Alberta No Longer Requiring Window Coverings

Psilocybin Lawsuit Filed, Loyalty Programs a Necessity for Retailers and British Columbians Turning to Legal Cannabis

CAMH Gets Funding for Study on Psilocybin, Cannabis Production Showing No Signs of Slowing Down in Canada and Health Canada Releases CBD Report

Psychedelics Without the Trip, Ghost Drops New Sub-Brand Platform, and Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Drama

Debate on Psychedelic Patents, The Future of Sustainability in Cannabis and Delta-8 as an Industry Disruptor

Cannabis 360 Conference Back Sep 29, BC Direct Delivery and David Lobo Now Permanent CEO at OCS

New Beverages Rules Not Expected Before Fall 2022, Upcoming Report on Cannabis Consumption Spaces in BC, and Layoffs Hitting Aurora

Pushback on 10mg Edibles Limit, Optimism for Cannabis Strategy Table and CSSDP Launches New Cannabis Education Booklets

Examining the Scientific Validity of the Entourage Effect, How Federal Prohibition Fails Young People and Decriminalization of Cannabis in Thailand

Cannabis Social Equity Programs in the New York Tri-State Area

Strike at Quebec Cannabis Stores, Canopy Dissolves ESG Unit and Call for Action on Excise Tax Policy

Frustration from B.C. Retailers, Psychedelic Study Controversy and O’Canabiz Giveaway

OCS Data Leak, Legalization Update in Germany, and Successful Cannabis Recycling Program

Falling Cannabis Prices, Big Brand Copycats and Fight for Homegrown Cannabis in Manitoba

Additional Layoffs for Canopy, Psychedelic Therapy Lawsuit and Personal Cultivation Update

Retail Store Overload and Cannabis Charges Still Being Laid in Canada

Welcome Change for Processing Licence Holders, Inaccurate Potency Claims for Illicit Edibles and Detroit Passes Ordinance for Legacy Applicants

AGCO Decision Reversal, Federal Legalization Bill Vote in the U.S. and Ketamine Clinics in Canada

OCS Flow-Through Update, Shelter Market Acquisition and New Jersey Recreational Cannabis Market Launch

Beverage Limit Increase, Cannabis Education Hurdles and Psilocybin Dispensaries in Vancouver

Update on Cannabis Act Review, Delivery in Ontario and Job Market Growth in the US

The career potential in the cannabis industry has grown exponentially since Bill C-45 was introduced in 2017. At each stage of cannabis production – from extraction and cultivation to packaging and sales – there is a need for skilled professionals that have a comprehensive understanding of best-practices in the industry. Cannabis education remains an integral component to helping individuals positions in production facilities, testing laboratories, cannabis retail stores, and more. In addition, there are constant opportunities for job advancements after getting experience in the field. Let’s look at some of the top career paths in the cannabis industry and the best way to get started

Landing your dream job in the cannabis industry often starts with a well-crafted resume. For prospective job seekers, it’s critical to take the time to customize your resume for the cannabis industry and the specific role you are applying for. To understand how best to navigate the job market in the cannabis industry, here are four tips to help you improve your resume.

Cannabis production is a methodical science, with the industry subject to strict regulations and quality assurance principles. Those interested in starting a cannabis business in Canada must first obtain a federal cannabis license. As part of the application criteria, license holders must demonstrate their understanding of Good Production Practices (GPP) and provide evidence that their facility complies with those practices.



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