Cannabis 360
Second Annual Industry Conference

Cannabis 360 features industry leaders and experts covering important issues and current challenges related to cannabis and psychedelics. Cannabis 360 aims to provide key insights on the biggest opportunities within these emerging markets, both in Canada and abroad. Our speakers will provide actionable takeaways for attendees, whether you are new to the industry, or an established business searching for growth opportunities.

We encourage industry professionals—from cultivators, manufacturers, retail operators, consultants, lawyers, investors, regulators, medical professionals, scientists, and researchers —join us at the Cannabis 360 Conference to receive expert training and insights across a variety of sectors and disciplines.


SEPTEMBER 29th 2022




CAD $50


  • In-depth discussions covering key aspects of the cannabis industry
  • Networking opportunity with industry professionals and experts
  • Technical knowledge from industry leaders and regulatory specialists
  • A virtual conference that can be accessed anywhere in the world


Our expert panelists consist of regulatory specialists, scientists, and business leaders
providing diverse perspectives on the cannabis and psychedelic industry. Our aim is to deliver valuable educational content and networking opportunities for all attendees.
Laleh Bighash


President and Dean of Scientific Affairs

Deepak Anand


Chief Executive Officer

Lucas C. McCann


Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Atiyyah Ferouz



Colin Bambury

Ghost Drops

Marketing Manager

Alexzander Samuelsson


Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer

Dr. Paola Cubillos

Knowde Group

Medical and Scientific Advisor

Shahbaaz Kara-Virani


Managing Director

Codi Peterson

The Cannigma

Chief Science Officer

Jenna Perry


Manager of Customer Success

Patrick Moher

Microdose HQ


Peter Cogan

Regis University

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Elliot Galbraith

Canna Cabana

Category Buyer

Tabitha Fritz

Fritz’s Cannabis Company


Matthew Jerome

Meristem Cannabis Consulting

Founder and Chief Consultant

Adam Greenblatt


Brian Pilecki

Clinical Psychologist

Jeff Goldenberg

Abacus Agency


Hardeep Shoker

Elevated Signals

Chief Product Officer

Sabrina Ramkellawan

Chris Budd


Director of Sales

Natalie Villeneuve

Christopher Tasker

Global Cannabinoid Solutions

Founder & CEO

Tamara Lilien


Head of Education

Carl K Linn

Founder, Thai Hub of Cannabis

Author, Cannabis in Thailand

Samantha Tabone

Chemist and Pharmaceutical Scientist

Mark Johnson

Centricity Research

Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director

More Speakers To Be Announced

15+ Experts


SEPTEMBER 29, 2022

Welcome Remarks

International Cannabis Markets and Business Opportunities: UK, Europe, and Asia

The international cannabis market is heating up, with new developments in countries such as Germany, Thailand, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK happening on a regular basis. As the cannabis industry matures, understanding where the biggest opportunities exist is critical. In this panel, hear from industry leaders on the recent developments happening in the key markets around the world, the different licensing processes, frameworks, and overall potential in these new markets.

Psychedelics: Market Potential and Opportunities

While psychedelics continue to gain momentum as a legitimate medical treatment, access to psychedelic therapies remains restricted in most parts of the world. Despite the difficulties in accessing psychedelic medicine, opportunities still exist from a business perspective for prospective companies looking to join this exciting new space. In this panel, learn about the different regulatory framework and licensing processes needed to start a psychedelic business, in Canada and abroad.

Empowering Your Budtenders: Education, Training and Career Advancement

Budtenders are often regarded as the driving force behind getting cannabis brands into the hands of consumers. Although the importance of budtenders is well-recognized by the industry, high turnover rates, lack of education and poor training has hampered the potential for many industry hopefuls to pursue budtending as a potential career path. Learn from industry experts on how to best support your budtenders through education and training and retain your top talent.

Psychedelic Therapy: Harm-Reduction, Risks and Ethical Concerns

As interest in the promise of psychedelic therapies continues to increase across the globe, there are concerning reports of abuse and ethical misconduct happening within psychedelic practices. As a result, there is a clear need to integrate a harm reduction approach and develop a stringent code of ethics and training programs for therapists while also acknowledging the voices of survivors raising these concerns. Panelist will cover these issues in detail and discuss how psychedelic therapy can be improved moving forward to establish safe and effective ways these substances can be integrated within a therapeutic context.

Lunch Break

Terpenes and the Entourage Effect: Separating the Science from Marketing Buzz

The entourage effect has become widely adopted by the cannabis industry with proponents insisting that cannabinoids work along with terpenes to create certain effects associated with cannabis consumption. However, scientific evidence for the entourage effect is limited and further research is still required. In this panel, our panelist will provide a comprehensive breakdown this often-misunderstood phenomenon.

Creating Operational Efficiency Through Technology

Compliance has remained an integral part of the cannabis industry with technology evolving rapidly over the last few years to help companies reduce costs, human error, and inefficient processes within the facility. Panelist will discuss how technology can be utilized to save you time and money, move beyond traditional record keeping practice, reduce organizational risk and ensure that you always remain compliant while also improving workflow and process efficiency.

How to Create a Cannabis Brand That Resonates with Consumers

Cannabis companies have had a difficult time standing out from the myriad of brands currently available on the market. However, some brands have managed to make a significant impact, winning the hearts and minds of cannabis consumers, and establishing a strong foothold in the industry. Panelists will discuss tools and approaches to create a brand that resonates with consumers and explore innovative marketing techniques.

The Future of Clinical Trials with Psychedelics

In clinical research settings around the world, renewed investigations are taking place on the use of psychedelic substances for treating illnesses such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The panel of experts will briefly discuss the different phases of clinical trials, the research design process, challenges related to site selection and how they envision clinical trials with psychedelics progressing over the next several years.

Closing Remarks

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