Cannabis 360
Inaugural Industry Conference

Dedicated to bringing industry professionals and experts together to discuss key aspects of the Cannabis industry within the Canadian market and abroad. Covering a range of topics, industry stakeholders will provide key insights on some of the biggest opportunities and challenges currently facing the cannabis industry. Our panelists will provide actionable takeaways for attendees, whether you are new to cannabis and looking to enter the industry, to an established business searching for growth opportunities within the space.


SEPTEMBER 9th 2021




CAD $50


  • Live-streamed event with real-time Q&A after each topic
  • In-depth discussions covering key aspects of the cannabis industry
  • Networking opportunity with industry professionals and experts
  • Technical knowledge from industry leaders and regulatory specialists
  • A virtual conference that can be accessed anywhere in the world


The Cannabis 360 conference brings together industry professionals, regulatory specialists and business leaders to discuss and dissect critical aspects of the cannabis industry. Our aim is to provide best-in-class educational content, panel discussions and networking opportunities for all attendees

Laleh Bighash


President and Dean of Scientific Affairs

Robyn Rabinovich

Thrive Cannabis

VP, Strategic Initiatives

David Brown



Deepak Anand


Chief Executive Officer

Lucas C. McCann


Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Atiyyah Ferouz



Cory Philion


Regulatory Affairs Manager

Troy Henderson


Account Executive

Conor Purdon


Program Advisor (Cannabis)

Ryan Roche

Lake City Cannabis


Eric Akbar



Aaron Godin

AGMS Solutions INC

Co-Founder/Applications Science

Adam Greenblatt

Cannabis Consultant

Imran Rashid

Nextleaf Solutions

Processing Technician

Vasiliki Koutsandrea


QA/RA Cannabis Consultant

Jason Chu


Manager, Operations

Ashton A. Abrahams

Sigma Analytical Services

Co-Founder and President

Hilda Gan

People Bright Consulting

President and Chief People Officer

Pari Nejatie


Executive Recruiter

Fady Kamel

All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited

15+ Experts


Cannabis 360 will cover panel topics ranging from entering the European cannabis market to mastering your cannabis retail business, the Cannabis 360 conference is an exciting opportunity to learn from the experts about a variety of key topics currently impacting the cannabis industry.


Welcome Remarks

Cannabis Edibles Processing – The Need for Preventative Control Plans and The Case for HACCP

Cannabis Edibles Processing Cannabis edibles and derivatives have finally arrived, with the market continuing to expand with new and innovative product offerings. This has also created a more complex regulatory system to navigate, which includes the requirement by Health Canada for cannabis processors to implement a Preventative Control Plan if they plan on producing cannabis edible products. This panel will take a deep dive into this essential topic, covering the important regulatory considerations when implementing a Preventative Control Plan as well as outlining the essential steps of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and differences between the two.

Q&A: Cannabis Edibles Processing – The need for Preventative Control Plans and The Case for HACCP

The Path to EU-GMP Certification

The global cannabis industry continues to push forward with exciting new markets opening up across the world. In this panel, you will learn from industry leaders in the international cannabis space where they will discuss the different business opportunities in Europe, why Canadian companies are looking to obtain EU-GMP certification, and how to access these emerging markets.

Q&A: The Path to EU-GMP Certification

State of the Industry – Current Trends & Future Prospects

Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018, the industry has seen a tremendous number of changes in a short period of time. From provinces establishing their own retail framework, hundreds of stores opening across the country, and the introduction of product categories like edibles and concentrates, the industry continues to evolve at a frenetic pace.

What opportunities still exist in the market? What resources can prospective license holders turn to assist them in their licensing journey? What regulatory and market challenges are producers still facing? This panel will tackle these pertinent questions and provide a detailed overview of the current state of the industry.

Q&A: State of the Industry – Current Trends & Future Prospects

LUNCH (Sponsor)

Insurance and Risk Management: An Overview for your Cannabis Business

Cannabis Retail - Achieving Operational Excellence

The cannabis retail market is developing at a rapid pace, with competition growing in what is beginning to look like a crowded market. It is more important now than ever for companies to focus on operational efficiencies and distinguishing themselves from the competition. Panelist will discuss pertinent topics in the cannabis retail space including oversaturation, discount retail brands, product differentiation, and hiring and training.

Q&A: Cannabis Retail - Achieving Operational Excellence

HR Challenges in the Cannabis Industry

The job landscape has undoubtedly changed tremendously in the last few years. What does this mean for employers? How can they adapt to this changing environment? Hear from HR professionals as they discuss issues related to scaling your business, recruitment, developing an inclusive company culture, addressing Covid-19 in the workplace, and ensuring HR is being considered from the beginning.

Q&A: HR Challenges in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Extraction – Contamination Concerns and Remediation Methods

Cannabis extraction remains an integral aspect of the cannabis industry that continues to grow and evolve as the market matures. Beyond traditional concentrates like shatter, budder, and wax are becoming more prevalent in the industry, several products rely on extraction, such as infused beverages, vaporizer cartridges, and cannabis oil. In this panel discussion, extraction specialists will discuss manufacturing standards, quality assurance considerations, compliance requirements and potential remediation methods available to processors.

Q&A: Cannabis Extraction – Contamination Concerns and Remediation Methods

Analytical Testing – Changes and Challenges

Cannabis testing is an integral part of meeting the regulatory compliance requirements from Health Canada. Analytical testing is vital in determining the product’s potency and presence of contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals. Although cannabis has now been legalized for almost 3 years, industry standards are still being established and we continue to hear about issues around “lab shopping” and other major challenges. In this panel, we hear from Ashton Abrahams, an esteemed expert in the cannabis testing space, and his perspectives on how labs can address these challenges and how to ensure better testing practices.

Q&A: Analytical Testing – Changes and Challenges

Closing Remarks

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